22 11 / 2012

This is very weird music. Sometimes they use clips of people talking, other times they play strange sounds, and other times it sounds like traditional Middle Eastern music. I have never heard a Middle Eastern band before until this band, so it was a very big cultural shock for me. However, I am now able to appreciate the culture in a way I could not before. I think it is interesting what people in other parts of the world consider to be good music to their ears. Here in the USA we have music such as Kesha and 2 Chainz. I imagine that people in the Middle East would find this music weird, too. It is important that we understand each others’ cultures in the world, so I think it is important that people listen to Godspeed You! Black Emperor. 

I also was able to deduce that they are from the Middle East because their name translates to a grammar error. Godspeed You! is an incomplete sentence, and so is Black Emperor, probably because English is not their normal language. Instead they speak Middle Eastern languages. But, their name is slightly American, because they use exclamation marks just like Panic! At the Disco. In addition, the music makes me think of a sandstorm a lot of the time, and sandstorms don’t happen in America because there isn’t enough sand. There aren’t as many deserts as there are in the Middle East. Perhaps Godspeed You! Black Emperor saw a sandstorm and was inspired to write this album. I think it is inspiring that people can be inspired by nature to make music. Maybe if the USA had more nature inspired music their hit singles would sound more like this band.

I am going to suggest that the band changes their name to God Sped Up Your Emperor. This is because I think it is good to help them get better at their English. This band name is weird but fits the weirdness of the band. Also it is a complete sentence. I removed the Black part because I don’t want people to think they are racist. An emperor can be any race of people. If they appear to be racist, less people will listen to them. A band should be aware of what people will think of them sometimes, especially when naming their band. In conclusion, Godspeed You! Black Emperor is an interesting example of traditional Middle Eastern music and I think Americans should listen to them to get a better view of the outside world around them. 

21 11 / 2012

Frank Ocean is gay, which means he likes to hug and kiss other men. However, not all of his songs are about being gay. I am okay with the fact that he is gay. I think that gay people make great music. Elton John is very good. Frank Ocean makes different music than Elton John, which means that not all gay people make the same music even though many people think this. He is not classic rock, but instead, he makes soul music. Soul music comes from the soul, which is very emotional. Just because Frank Ocean is gay does not mean he does not make soulful music. Actually, he makes very soulful music.

Sometimes Frank Ocean sings like a girl. Maybe this is because part of his soul feels like a girl sometimes. However, this is not always true because people who are not gay (these people are called straight) sing like girls sometimes, such as the singer in Maroon 5 and the guy who sings “Forget You.” I think it is very good that Frank Ocean is in touch with his feminine side. This is because he gets to explore many parts of his soul in a way that straight people cannot do. This is very important for soul music. Maybe more gay people will start appearing in soul music because of Frank Ocean, and therefore soul music will have more feminine sides.

I watched Frank Ocean perform on the MTV Awards this year. I think it is ironic that they are called MTV because MTV stands for Music Television but they do not show music very often unless it is club music in Jersey Shore. I don’t think Frank Ocean likes Jersey Shore because there isn’t a lot of soul in the show. Frank Ocean sung one of his feminine songs at the Awards show. I wonder if Snooki would like Frank Ocean because she is a girl and he sings very high like a girl. However, he does not look like a girl. Just because he is gay does not mean he should look like a girl. Overall, I am okay that Frank Ocean is gay and I think his music has lots of soul. 

18 11 / 2012

I like Twilight more than Harry Potter. The movies are more about issues young people can relate to than Harry Potter, such as being in love. Also I think Robert Pattinson is more attractive than Daniel Radcliffe and is a better actor. Because of these things, I like the music better. Many times in history, movie soundtracks have been used to make a movie more money but also to make the movie better with music people can relate to. This was a problem with Harry Potter because the music was not something young people could enjoy. It was too much like classical music such as Mozart and had lots of trumpets. However the Twilight soundtrack has bands that people know and recognize, making it a better soundtrack.

There are many indie bands on the soundtrack, such as Passion Pit. Passion Pit is an indie electronic band that has some songs that people have heard of on the radio, but they are not as famous as other electronic musicians. This is what makes them indie. I think Passion Pit is on Team Jacob because that team is smaller and they are indie. Ellie Goulding is on the soundtrack, too, and she is famous for her song “Lights.” This song is on the radio more than Passion Pit, so she would probably be on Team Edward. Robert Pattinson might like Passion Pit more though because he is very mysterious. I don’t think Daniel Radcliffe would like either band because they are not classical enough.

Overall, I thought Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 was a great movie. It was action-packed but also had romance, making it a good balance. I laughed sometimes, too! I thought about how music is sometimes like vampires because people suck blood out of artists by downloading their music for free. That is why they had indie bands on the soundtrack because they are making a statement about not being a vampire about music and supporting small artists. This is what indie is all about. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is a great indie film, but not as good as 500 Days of Summer or Juno. 

17 11 / 2012

Soundgarden is a new alternative rock band that is famous for the song Black Hole Son on Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It’s very exciting to see them releasing more songs than just Black Hole Son, because that was their only song. However, I was sad to find out that not every song on the new album is Black Hole Son. Actually none of them are Black Hole Son. I tried to imagine what the Guitar Hero fingering would be for the songs on the album, but it was very difficult, so I don’t think this album is successful. 

Soundgarden reminds me of Pearl Jam because they sound like Pearl Jam. However, Pearl Jam did not write Black Hole Son, so they are different bands. Pearl Jam sings different songs, such as the ones on Guitar Hero and Rock Band. They are also a famous band. Soundgarden is not as famous as Pearl Jam though. This means they are an indie band, too. But they are also an alternative band. They are the leaders of the new indie alternative movement of bands that is starting in the United States. This movement is very exciting and important to music today. I would like to see a Rock Band that is all about Soundgarden, but they are too indie.

They are sometimes a loud band like Led Zeppelin. This means they are a rock and roll band, which started with The Beatles. Therefore Soundgarden is also classic rock. They are very important to the classic indie alternative rock movement as well as the indie alternative movement. Someday they will be written about in books maybe. When I am older, I might write a book about Soundgarden. Black Hole Son is a great song. 

15 11 / 2012

Crystal Castles makes electronic music, just like Daft Punk and Super Mash Bros. The difference is, Crystal Castles does not use any samples from other songs. This means that they have written their own songs, which is groundbreaking for electronic music. I think Crystal Castles are very influential to modern music, especially indie music, because they are not the most famous band but they do important things. For example, they write their own songs. They also probably use computers to make songs, unlike most people who use computers to go on Facebook and do homework. This is a new and exciting way to use a computer. I have tried to use Garage Band before, but they clearly do it better.

Crystal Castles also has a girl in it whose name is Alice. Alice is the singer of the band. She follows in the footsteps of girls like Haley Williams who rock out as a singer in a band. However, she is the first girl singer in an electronic band. Girl Talk is actually not a girl. This is also groundbreaking. I think Alice could be very good in Paramore. Her name reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and I thought about how her musical journey could maybe take people in a wonderland too because it is very weird and different. It would be the Tim Burton wonderland though and not the Disney one because the Disney movie is too old but Tim Burton’s is very creepy. Maybe Alice will have t-shirts with her face on it in Hot Topic someday.  

Crystal Castles might be the music of the future. Someday we will live in the future and we will know whether or not this is true. For now, I am very excited. Also, the band name is very interesting and different. But the album name is III, which is Roman for three, and there are only two people in the band just like The Black Keys, so it is misleading. 

15 11 / 2012

This band doesn’t sound like Nine Inch Nails. This is a problem because Trent Reznor, who is in this band, is also in Nine Inch Nails. It is very important that Trent remembers to sound like his other band too, that way his fans won’t be upset when he does something different. Once, Trent Reznor made the soundtrack to the PG-13 movie The Social Network. There was cocaine in it, but Trent Reznor does not do cocaine. This is extremely crucial. It made me think about what if there was a picture of me doing drugs on Facebook. How would you feel if you were doing drugs on Facebook? Trent Reznor would not be happy, and neither would other famous people.

 Trent Reznor is famous and has an Academy Award, but this album is not a movie soundtrack. I think it would be better if it was the soundtrack to a movie because he has an Academy Award. He should do what he does best and make a Nine Inch Nails movie that is PG-13. But there should be no drugs in it. Also, there should be more songs on this album. It is very short and it is over almost as soon as it began. If it was a movie soundtrack, there would have to be more songs.

 The album cover reminds me of a scary scene in a movie. Maybe Trent Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails movie would be a horror movie. I give this album four stars. 

14 11 / 2012

Many rappers in history rap about their own life. I think Kendrick Lamaar does this too. He might be good friends with Jay-Z and Eminem because all of them are very influenced by their own life. He reminds me of Drake because he is very new but hangs out with famous rappers and then becomes famous too. Someday, he might hang out with rappers we don’t know about before they become big. I can’t rap, but if I could, I would like to be friends with Kendrick Lamaar because he would be a good connection to have.

I did some research and he is from Compton in California. Another rap group, NWA, is from this place. But Kendrick Lamaar was not in NWA. Maybe Compton has a lot of famous people in it like Hollywood. But, my intellectual analysis of the album cover has revealed that it is a photograph, so maybe he does not have the money to make a real album cover. I cannot rap, but I am also truly inspired that someone poor could grow up and hang out with Jay-Z sometimes. It is an inspirational album.

 However, I have to take away points because there is a Parental Advisory sticker TM. This is not good for young listeners because they should not know about bad words until they are older. This makes me feel like Kendrick Lamaar is older, maybe in college. This, however, may not be true because he was poor when he made the album cover unless he got a scholarship. It’s nice to see smart rappers who get scholarships, but it is unfortunate when they use words that not everyone can hear. He doesn’t take any English classes because there are grammar errors in the title of the album. In conclusion, this could be a classic album someday but right now it is still new.  

14 11 / 2012

Dos is a Spanish word. However, there is little to no Latin influence on this Green Day record. Punk rockers like Green Day need to have more aggressiveness and nonchalance in their album titles. A more appropriate title would have been ‘We Don’t Care’ or ‘Fight Every Single Authority Figure.’ The one exception would be ‘Bullfight’ which is belligerent enough but too Latin for punk rockers. Also, Green Day is not scared of red like bulls are. Their debut album American Idiot had red on the cover and therefore it wouldn’t make any sense. Would you want to put red on an album cover? If the band was called Red Day, the title might work though. That’s not their name though.

 Once Green Day was on television and they talked about disliking the government. I think this was a very good move for their career because it makes sense for punk rock. However, Dos means two, and there is only one government in the USA. The title does not make sense. I listened to an iTunes preview of every song and thought about what the government might think of them. They would be too busy for iTunes so they probably would not like the songs.

The songs are good except for the fact that studies have shown that they are not. Almost everyone says that the songs aren’t as good as other songs by Green Day, such as I Fought the Law and Working Class Hero. They would not be very good for American Idiot the Musical 2 because the album is not called American Idiot. Overall, I thought the album art was pretty good. 3/5